LeBron James had no time for a Chicago heckler, serves up a perfect burn

Liz Roscher

LeBron James spent Tuesday night having a historic game against the Chicago Bulls, proving that he can still be the GOAT at nearly 35 years old. Since the Los Angeles Lakers were playing in Chicago, not everyone was thrilled to see King James back in form. (Least of all because the Bulls lost 118-112.)

There are always hecklers at away games, but a few of them caught James’ eyes and ears during the game. He barely blinked before serving a pretty excellent off-the-cuff clapback.

The man was in the middle of a basketball game, exerting his body and mind, and was able to come up with “Ya lady embarrassed to be with you” in response to a heckler. He truly is the greatest of all time.

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