LeBron James gets away with absurd, obvious carry vs. Jazz

Opposing fans love to complain about calls going LeBron James’ way.

On Wednesday against the Utah Jazz, those fan complaints would be justified.

In the first half of the road game, James walked the ball across the court to set up the Los Angeles Lakers offense. He apparently forgot the rules of basketball while doing so.

Ummm ... that’s not allowed

James picked up his dribble and palmed the ball after crossing the midcourt line. He then took three steps and dribbled again.

That’s obviously not allowed.

Official swallows whistle

Jazz forward Bojan Bogdanovic knew it.

But referee Jacyn Goble — who was staring right at the play when James committed the violation — did not.

For a league constantly under fire from fans who believe officials favor some players over others, this is not a great look.

LeBron James briefly forgot the rules of basketball on Wednesday — and got away with it. (AP/Jack Dempsey)

Lakers stay red-hot

Carry or not, Utah didn’t match up well against a red-hot Lakers team that cruised to a 121-96 win, their second straight of a tough back-to-back road set after beating the Nuggets in Denver on Tuesday.

James finished with 20 points and 12 assists while Anthony Davis tallied 26 points, six rebounds and three blocks as the Lakers improved to 19-3 on the season.

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