Law & Order: Organized Crime Casts Stabler’s Youngest Brother (Exclusive)

Meet Elliot Stabler’s baby brother.

Michael Trotter (The Right Stuff) will play Joe Stabler Jr. in Law & Order: Organized Crime’s upcoming Season 4, TVLine has learned.

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In November, TVLine exclusively reported that the NBC procedural was planning to introduce two of the Stabler brothers in the coming season.

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Joe Jr. is the youngest brother, who spent more than a decade in the Army before being dishonorably discharged; the exact reason behind his departure from the military remains unknown. He now works as the right-hand man to a British wine merchant — and there’s something about the work that makes him ashamed to come face-to-face with Elliot, whom he greatly admires.

Elliot’s older brother, Randall, left the family when he was young and created a thriving career for himself as a real estate developer. But he and Elliot have a long-standing tension stemming from an event involving their father. TVLine also broke the news that Randall will be played by Breaking Bad alum Dean Norris.

Trotter played astronaut Gus Grissom in Disney+’s recent adaptation of The Right Stuff. His other TV credits include Underground, Inhumans, The Resident and CSI: Vegas. He also has a family connection to the Law & Order universe: Trotter’s real-life wife, Jamie Gray Hyder, played detective Kat Tamin on Law & Order: SVU until exiting the series in 2021.

Law & Order: Organized Crime will return on Thursday, Jan. 18, at 10/9c. (Here’s when your other NBC favorites will be back.)

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