Lashana Lynch wanted to avoid "strong Black women" trope in One Love

Lashana Lynch has discussed consciously trying to avoid the "strong Black women" trope in Bob Marley: One Love.

In the biopic, Lynch plays Rita, the widow of reggae legend Bob Marley (Kingsley Ben-Adir), and while speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, she opened up about her approach to the role.

"Strong Black women, that trope that is continuously wedged into these narratives in film," she explained.

"I realised with my breaking down of that trope that there's not only a vulnerability in her, but there's almost this childlike innocence when it comes to her love for Bob.

kingsley benadir as bob marley, lashana lynch as rita marley, bob marley one love

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"I thought every time she's being bold and upright and very fierce in her demeanour, I always reminded myself to make sure there was something underneath that was soft."

The No Time to Die star added: "I think that's one thing that Black women don't often get to do in cinema, just be soft. I encouraged that a lot and hope that we could find the balance in every single scene."

Lynch also talked about meeting the real Rita at her house, while preparing for the movie.

"I read her book and did all the usual research and asked questions, but listen, if you're playing a legend and they're on the Earth, then I'm going to force it to happen and I did," she said.

kingsley ben adir as bob marley, bob marley one love

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"I met her on a couple of occasions at her home, sat on the floor and just looked up at her like a child listening to a teacher or parent, and just soaked her in.

"The main thing that I really got to understand as I was sitting there was the list of questions that I had in my notebook didn't matter. That's just information.

"With her, I needed to feel her spirit. She leads with her spirit. She's very much in her heart space at all times, and very present at all times, and if I was able to collect a little bit of where she is energetically, then I knew I'd be able to hopefully handle her authentically in the film."

Bob Marley: One Love is released in UK cinemas next Monday (February 12) and in US cinemas two days later.

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