Labor and delivery nurse overhears dads’ ‘inappropriate comments’ during birth, transforms them into ‘inspirational quotes’

A nurse was so shocked by the “inappropriate comments” some dads make during labor and delivery that she was inspired to turn them into “inspirational quotes.” Now, she’s going viral.

TikToker and L&D RN, Holly (@hollyd_rn), gained over 10 million views, 2 million likes, and nearly 30,000 comments when she uploaded the video to her account.

And while some dads make wonderful partners in the delivery room — like this teen dad who struggled to hold back tears when his baby girl was placed in his arms — Holly’s video proves some fathers are better off staying in the waiting room.

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Borrowing from the popular aesthetic of Pinterest quotes, Holly’s quotes looked inspirational — but packed quite a punch.

“I think you should just get a C-section. This is taking too long,” one quote read.

“Sew an extra stitch down there for me, doc. We want everything just the way it was before all of this,” another dad allegedly said.

“Are you sure you want an epidural? My mom didn’t have one. Before you make a decision, we should talk about it,” read another quote.

“How long is this gonna take? I have plans this weekend,” one partner allegedly said.

Holly has allegedly overheard so many inappropriate remarks that she felt the need to make a follow-up video full of even more quotes — shocking TikTok to the core.

“Men really have nothing but the audacity, huh?” one user wrote.

“Oh my gosh. If anyone said this to me whilst I was in labor, they would be leaving that room in a casket,” another comment read.

Unfortunately, some TikTokers could relate to the quotes, and they shared their own partners’ and fathers’ “inappropriate comments.”

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“My husband with our first told me to not be loud during a contraction. The nurse looked at me and said, ‘You do know he doesn’t have to be here?'” one user shared.

“My dad said to my mum, ‘Is this going to take any longer? My feet are killing me.’ Needless to say, I was the last child they had,” another commented.

“I wasn’t even sewn up yet, and my ex had to leave to go get cigarettes. It was ‘just too much’ for him,” shared another user.

“During my birth, my mom got nauseous and threw up, and my dad literally said, ‘Could you stop? I’m trying to eat,'” commented another.

Holly’s video should serve as a lesson to all expecting dads everywhere: When it comes to labor and delivery, it’s best to keep all complaints and rude remarks to yourself.

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