La Brea Recap: Who Didn’t Live to See Next Week’s Series Finale?

With just one episode now remaining in its three-season (two-and-a-half season?) run, NBC’s La Brea gave one of its main characters a most heroic, yet oh-so-sad, death.

“The Road Home, Part 1” in large part revolved around the person on the other end of the potato-powered laptop baiting Gavin into handing over The Microchip, in trade for a captive Eve. Luckily, Gavin & Co. were able to deduce ahead of their rendezvous at a remote location that Maya Schmidt, in fact, was behind everything. As such, they got the drop on her during the meet-up.

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Gavin, Helena, Ty and Sam then grabbed a raft and headed down some very iffy CGI river, to storm the 10,000 B.C. Ladera air force base and find Eve.

Meanwhile, Scott, after being betrayed by Maya, had found himself held prisoner at the Ladera base, in a cell across from Levi’s. Levi, it turned out, was working as a mole on Helena’s behalf, commanded to extract from Scott intel on his paper about… fossilized plants? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Except Levi was actually working as a double agent, and got Maya to sign off on Scott being transferred to the baddies’ longterm detention facility – -where Eve is being held.

While Levi, Scott and two Ladera guards were trekking toward this longterm detention facility, Izzy showed up, spooking the guards. Levi swung into action and took out one goon, while Scott ineffectively grappled with the other — until Lucas showed up outta nowhere and KO’d the guy. When Levi realized that a team of Ladera guards were on their way to ambush Gavin and the others coming off the raft, he raced off.

First scouting things out and then emerging from behind a tree, Levi quickly popped two guards with his pistol. A firefight broke out, with Sam and Helena joining in taking out bogies. Just when it seemed that all the baddies had been bested, Levi found himself staring at the business end of a last guard’s automatic weapon. An unseen Izzy zinged the guard with an arrow from her bow… but not before he had squeezed off a bullet, into Levi’s gut.

Gavin and Izzy raced to Levi’s side as he slumped down against the base of the tree. Sam and Gavin made an effort to save Levi’s life, maybe get him more medical help, but they were waved off by Eve’s ex/Uncle Levi, who was quite sure he was on the cusp of dying.

Levi made sure to let Gavin know that Eve was being held in the longterm detention facility. Then with what would be his last breaths, he assured Gavin, “It’s OK. I made peace with everything, but you and me” — referring to his affair with Eve.

“None of that matters anymore,” Gavin said. “You’re my brother.” “Brothers to the end,” Levi said, before passing.

Gavin, Izzy, Helena, Sam and Scott then continued on toward the longterm detention facility… only to realize it is located beyond a double-aurora, in the year 1965! Which is where and when the wild and wacky events of next Tuesday’s series finale will go down….

What are your predictions and hopes for La Brea‘s very final episode, which, yes, I can confirm will feature original cast member Natalie Zea’s flesh-and-blood return as Eve?

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