Kristen Stewart Called Out "Sexist And Homophobic" Reactions To Her Rolling Stone Cover

Kristen Stewart Called Out "Sexist And Homophobic" Reactions To Her Rolling Stone Cover

Kristen Stewart discussed sexist and anti-gay backlash to her Rolling Stone cover.

Closeup of Kristen Stewart on the red carpet in a pantless outfit
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Last month, Kristen was on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a leather vest and a jock strap, posing with her hand down her underwear. She told the publication, "If I got through the entire Twilight series without ever doing a Rolling Stone cover, it’s because the boys were the sex symbols. Now, I want to do the gayest fucking thing you’ve ever seen in your life. If I could grow a little mustache, if I could grow a fucking happy trail and unbutton my pants, I would. Guys — I’m sorry — but their fucking pubes are shoved in my face constantly."

Kristen Stewart on Rolling Stone cover posing in an open leather jacket and a jockstrap with text that says "Uncensored"

While appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Stephen said that CBS had actually asked him not to show the cover. "They thought that would be not a good idea," he said, "I don't know why."

"Sure," Kristen replied, looking disappointed — before the cover was shown to the applause of the crowd.

Kristen Stewart talking to Stephen Colbert
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When asked why some people were so "upset," including trolls accusing Kristen of "turning into a man," Kristen replied, "Let's keep this light. I think it's a little ironic because I've seen a lot of male pubic hair on the cover of things. I've seen a lot of hands in pants and unbuttoned [pants]."

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"I think there's a certain overt acknowledgement of female sexuality that has its own volition in a way that is annoying for people that are sexist and homophobic," she continued.

Closeup of Kristen Stewart talking to Stephen Colbert

When Stephen noted that Rolling Stone, or magazines like Sports Illustrated, had "more explicit" covers, Kristen emphasized, "It's not remotely explicit."

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"Female sexuality isn't supposed to actually want anything but to be had. [The cover] feels like it's protruding in a way that might be annoying. But fuck you," she continued with a smile. "But I never will! I think that's the problem."

Kristen Stewart and Stephen Colbert talking

You can read Kristen's full Rolling Stone story here.