Kim Kardashian Appeared To Accidentally Post An Unedited Selfie This Weekend

Hey, isn't it interesting that you can have access to the best cosmetics that money can buy, even sell your own beauty products, and still rely on image editing tools? Beauty standards, man! Anyway, totally unrelated — Kim Kardashian was accused of a Photoshop fail this weekend.

A closeup of Kim Kardashian
Franck Fife / AFP via Getty Images

According to multiple screen recordings, Kim uploaded this selfie to her Instagram to celebrate model Fai Khadra's birthday:

Kim giving the peace sign and pouting her lips as she takes a photo with Fai Khadra

However, she then uploaded another selfie which appeared to have been edited from the original:

Screenshot from Kim's Instagram story

The change is subtle, but Kim's jaw and cheeks seem to have been edited to appear smaller, temporarily making her Instagram an apparent before-and-after:

Of course, this isn't the first time Kim has been accused of tweaking her image — hell, even the show The Kardashians reportedly uses extensive filtering. Who knows what Kim looks like? Who knows what I, a sentient little gremlin typing this in their kitchen, look like?

Closeup of Kim
Hulu, Stephane Cardinale - Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images

In short, please do not be hard on yourself for not looking like Instagram.