Kim Kardashian Accused of Trying to Pass Off Dupe Dining Tables as the Work of Donald Judd by Artist’s Foundation

The mogul claimed to have pieces by the late designer in a 2022 video shared to her YouTube channel

<p>Steve Granitz/FilmMagic</p> Kim Kardashian, November 2023

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Kim Kardashian, November 2023

Kim Kardashian has been accused by a design company of falsely stating that their products appear in a video she shared online.

According to an article published by the New York Times on Wednesday, the 43-year-old entrepreneur shared a Skkn by Kim office tour in 2022, telling viewers that pieces she owned were crafted by the late American artist Donald Judd — who was known for his minimalist designs.

“These Donald Judd tables are really amazing and totally blend in with the seats,” Kardashian said in the clip, which was removed from the video sharing platform on Wednesday following a federal lawsuit filed by the Judd Foundation.

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On Thursday, PEOPLE obtained a copy of the suit, in which the nonprofit foundation that represents Judd's legacy claims Clements Design produced the furniture shown in Kardashian's video tour.

“We deny that Ms. Kardashian has any liability in this matter, as we have previously explained to the Judd Foundation and its counsel,” Michael Rhodes, counsel for Kardashian, told PEOPLE.

“Contrary to what Kim Kardashian's attorney now says, neither he nor other counsel representing Ms. Kardashian explained their position on this matter,” Megan Bennigan, an attorney for the Judd Foundation, told PEOPLE.

“Multiple attempts were made by the Judd Foundation and its president, Rainer Judd (Donald's daughter), to address and resolve this matter amicably with Ms. Kardashian prior to litigation, which would have been avoidable had we heard back from either Ms. Kardashian or her counsel," Bennigan continued.

“Kardashian then promoted the furniture as being 'Donald Judd' to millions of her social media followers. Clements Design refused to take any steps to resolve this matter, which is why Judd Foundation reluctantly resorted to litigation in order to protect its intellectual property rights and the significance of Donald Judd's timeless designs," counsel for the Judd Foundation said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

Clements Design told the Times, in part, that they felt “blindsided” by the lawsuit because there were efforts “made to resolve this issue amicably.”

<p>Lionel Hahn/Getty</p> Kim Kardashian, March 2024

Lionel Hahn/Getty

Kim Kardashian, March 2024

In the YouTube video, Kardashian claimed that the pieces were a La Mansana Table 22 and Chair 84.

Only three authentic copies of the table have been sold in the last 15 years, and while over 350 chairs have been sold, the foundation says it stamps and numbers each one, per the outlet.

The lawsuit states that the mogul's claims are misleading.

“Consumers are likely to believe Judd Foundation and the Donald Judd brand are connected or affiliated with, or otherwise sponsored or endorsed Ms. Kardashian,” court documents claimed.

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Additionally, the company also claims original pieces would not have appeared in the video she shared online because the “Judd Foundation categorically prohibits customers from using purchased Donald Judd furniture for marketing and promotional purposes.”

“The furniture is integral to our financial stability,” Rainer said in a press release.

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After the Judd Foundation informed Kardashian’s team about their disapproval of the post, a spokesperson for the reality star offered to “update the video caption with a retraction," according to the lawsuit.

The foundation instead wanted the video deleted and could "not accept" Kardashian's offer to change the caption "as doing so would allow fake Donald Judd furniture to remain in circulation and send a message to the general public that knockoff tables are not harmful," the lawsuit reads.

Unable to come to an agreement, the issue resulted in the lawsuit at hand.

However, Clements Design claimed that they thought the issue was resolved because they had not heard from the Judd Foundation’s legal counsel “in over a year.”

Clements' lawyer also wrote in a letter to the foundation that it was "simply not true that Clements Design commissioned imitation Donald Judd tables," reports the Times. In the lawsuit, the Judd Foundation claimed that Clements' design proposals from 2020 described furniture "in the Style of Donald Judd.”

A rep for Kardashian did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

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