Kick Up The Crunch Level By Adding Peanuts To Your Home Fries

plate of home fries
plate of home fries - Mariha-kitchen/Getty Images

As delicious as a freshly cooked batch of home fries might be, the comforting dish can be made even better with the addition of peanuts. Peanuts bring an enjoyable crunch to your plate, and when roasted, the extra ingredient can deliver an unmistakable smoky texture to the standard serving of fries. Plus, with many different flavor combinations and variations to choose from, your next snack time is in for a major overhaul.

Whether you're settling in for the night to finish your favorite series or are craving a salty side to serve alongside tomorrow's main dish, perfectly cooked home fries topped with your choice of peanuts might become your next go-to recipe. If you enjoy the taste of peanut sauce or have tried dipping a warm, salty fry into the nutty condiment, you'll appreciate the salty satisfaction that fries and peanuts can provide. After all, why not combine your two favorite snacks into one?

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Adorning Fries With Nutty Crunch

bowl of salted peanuts
bowl of salted peanuts - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Whether you choose to make home fries from pumpkin, avocado, or potatoes, choose peanuts that will complement the flavor of your cooked dish. From unsalted to sea salted, roasted to honeyed, you'll find a variety of peanuts at the market to choose from. Alternatively, you can make your own preferred flavors by roasting peanuts at home and adding spices like rosemary, black pepper, or dried basil.

Finely chopping peanuts and sprinkling them on top of a plate of steaming fries is one way to approach this flavorful combination, or you can cook peanuts with oil, garlic, and seasoning on the stovetop and pour the peanut-based sauce on top of the batch of fries. Choices are unlimited when it comes to adding spices and flavor, so whether you're looking to serve up sweet potato fries with a crunchy topping of chopped honey peanuts or chow down on air fryer fries with roasted peanuts cooked with crushed red pepper, you can experiment with new tastes when snack time rolls around.

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