Khloé Kardashian reveals her fitness secrets and how she sets a good example for her kids

khloe kardashian fabletics
Interview: Khloé Kardashian on fitness and styleFabletics

You’d be hard pressed to find someone on this planet who hasn’t heard of the Kardashians. Even my father, a 58-year-old British man, has his favourite member of the famous family… It’s Khloé, FYI. And unsurprisingly so, with Kourtney and Kim’s younger sister having collated legions of fans since Keeping Up With The Kardashians first launched on our screens all the way back in 2007.

Her quick wit and ruthless sarcasm were quick to win over viewers. But as the series progressed, it was her loyalty to her family and her stark vulnerability in sharing her battles – and there have been a few – with the reality TV cameras that continue to follow her for The Kardashians (we’re counting down the days until season four), that really captured people’s hearts.

Mine included. A good thing, given Cosmo got the chance to chat to the star ahead of the announcement of her new Fabletics VIP ambassadorship.

khloe kardashian fabletics

It’s no secret how important fitness is to Khloé. A quick scroll through her Instagram will show gym selfies as well as video clips of her latest workouts as dictated by her PTs, nestled among ad campaigns for her various brands, red carpet shots and family snaps.

As such, the partnership with Fabletics seems like a no-brainer. “I have always loved the Fabletics Seamless High Waisted Leggings. I’ve been wearing them to workout in for a while now,” she tells Cosmo.

Her gym wear varies from bright, Barbiecore pink sets to more muted colourways. But as with most things in Khloé’s life, that’s intentional. “I always choose an outfit that makes me feel good and gives me a boost when I workout. I like for my athleticwear to reflect that sentiment,” she explains.

“That may mean a bright vibrant set on days when I’m feeling tired and need a little motivation – like the Bungee High Impact Sports Bra and Motion 365+ High Waisted Bungee Legging in St. Tropez Coral/Faded Coral,” naming the Fabletics kit from the brand’s latest edit.

“And if I want to feel sexy and push harder, I’ll throw on the Motion365+ Open Onesie in Black that is built with high compression material, yet has a beautiful deep low back.”

Given Khloe’s workouts are a fixture of her morning routine, it’s no surprise her gym wear collection is substantial. And no doubt stored orderly in her extensive walk-in wardrobe – the size of half an average London flat and organised as meticulously as the rest of her home (even rivalling sister Kim's viral pantry tour).

“Over the years, I’ve created a workout wardrobe that allows me to pull from a range of cuts, colours, prints and materials. I like to have options that make me feel confident from the start.”

As well as a varied fit kit, Khloé’s workout of choice also differs from day to day. “For me, trying different activities really helped me to determine what I liked.” Something she says was crucial to keep in mind when returning to the gym after the birth of her first child, daughter True, now five. Khloé also has a second child, her son Tatum, who she welcomed via surrogate last July.

“One of the best pieces of advice that I received from one of my trainers is to find a workout that you actually enjoy doing. You’ll stick to it and nowadays, there are so many different types of workouts that we have the option to pick and choose things that make us happy, all the while still being active.”

When asked what she’d say to someone starting out on their fitness journey or going to the gym postpartum, Khloé advised, “Be kind to yourself and start slowly… Giving yourself grace is crucial when starting any new journey.”

“We all have great intentions. Sometimes we start a little too hard, because we’re so excited to hit that goal. But we have to give ourselves realistic goals and reward ourselves when we meet those goals and expectations. It’s not easy and it’s important to celebrate even the smallest of milestones because it keeps us going.”

She has become known for her words of wisdom, often replying to internet trolls who send hateful messages with words of kindness and sending love. She also has multiple Instagram highlights dedicated to positive affirmations. Her fitness journey has been closely linked to this, becoming a form of therapy for the busy working mother-of-two.

True can occasionally be spotted in the background of Khloé’s workout videos: “I love that my daughter sees that I’m active,” says Khloé. And it seems she’s following in her mother’s athletic footsteps.

“She does a bunch of sports and extracurricular activities. She’s still learning and exploring what she is drawn to. And that’s all we should want for children.”

“I am a firm believer that kids should be kids and I want them to enjoy their youth and their innocence. She’s only five, so for her dancing in the house and running around outside is her ‘workout’ of choice right now.”

Running around after two kids is no doubt a workout in itself. How did Khloé adjust after becoming a mum for the first time, we wonder? “I got back in slowly doing activities I enjoy and for short periods of time.”

“I tried not to put pressure on myself to get back to where I was before. I would constantly remind myself that it took me about 10 months to gain the weight, so I wanted to give myself about 10 months or even longer to lose the weight.”

It’s that self-love attitude Khloé is modelling so well for her kids, and her followers of all ages on social media too. “We don’t focus on food or working out in this house. We focus on being healthy and having fun. I just want [True] to be happy and enjoy what she does!”

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