Michelin impossible? The outback KFC restaurant chasing international fame

It might seem like “Michelin Impossible” but the owner of a KFC in the Northern Territory is pushing for one of international dining’s highest honours.

Sam Edelman, who owns the Alice Springs KFC, told Yahoo News Australia he runs the “most remote KFC in the world” and meets the criteria for a Michelin star.

“My store serves people who travel from 500 to 1000km away,” Mr Edelman said.

“That’s part of the criteria - the food is worth a detour, worth a journey to enjoy.”

The Alice Springs resident said he got the idea to push for a Michelin star after watching a Netflix documentary.

Part of his crusade included a giveaway of fried chicken on Sunday.

Pictured is KFC Alice Springs and a file pic of some KFC fried chicken. Sam Edelman, who owns the Alice Springs store, is pushing to get a Michelin star.
Sam Edelman, who owns KFC Alice Springs, is on a crusade to get a Michelin star. Source: Google Maps/ Getty Images (file pics)

Mr Edelman believes he gave away 100 pieces.

In order to get a Michelin star, the restaurant has to use quality products, have a “mastery of flavour and cooking techniques”, the chef or chefs have to have personality, it must be value for money and the food has to be consistent.

However, the guide hasn’t been without controversy. It’s been criticised as biased towards French cuisine and technique, and favouring, what some view as, snobby, formal dining.

Pictured is Sam Edelman in front of KFC Alice Springs who is chasing a Michelin star.
Mr Edelman says his KFC serves people who travel from 1000km away. Source: Supplied

In a seeming break from this tradition, in 2016 it awarded a star to a cheap Singapore street food outlet known for a braised chicken dish.

Mr Edelman is hoping he can get the attention of Michelin judges to not only his restaurant but a number of other quality eateries across Australia.

“It’s a bit of Michelin: Impossible, but let’s make it possible,” he said.

“As I say to my staff sometimes, ‘bucket, why not?’”

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