Kettlewell 'all over' Motherwell's contract countdown

Stuart Kettlewell insists Motherwell are working busily in the hope of securing signatures for the raft of players out of contract in the summer.

17 members of the current Fir Park squad are set to leave the club at the end of the season, but the manager says negotiations have been ongoing for months as he plans for the future.

However, "uncertainty" and the extended search for a new chief executive may have caused some issues in these discussions to tie players down.

"It's safe to say that in certain elements we've been preparing well before January for what comes next season," Kettlewell said. "I'm a planner and someone who likes to do that.

"There's also been little bits of change and uncertainty that can have a massive impact on that as well. In terms of trying to plan for for the future, I've done nothing but that for a number of weeks and months.

"I always caveat that with we need all parties to take part. We need that buy in from players, agents, myself, [at] board level. We have a new chief executive at the football club, so there's a lot of moving parts in there.

"But if you want to specify to the football department, we've been all over that [player contract negotiations] for quite some time."