Kenny Smith defends Scottie Pippen and builds a championship team on 'Old Basketball Cards'

Mike Oz
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Kenny Smith was in the thick of the NBA nostalgia that’s the sports world is currently enamored with. Smith was Michael Jordan’s teammate at North Carolina, and he was part of the Houston Rockets team that won two titles between the two Chicago Bulls three-peats.

He was, as it turned out too, the perfect guy to open some “Old Basketball Cards” with. Smith — who is now an analyst for TNT’s Inside the NBA — joined us to open a couple of packs of 1991-1992 Skybox cards.

He found the Rockets teammate that he said was the most competitive person he knew outside of Michael Jordan and built a starting five that he says could win an NBA title right now, given the way the game is played these days. We found Scottie Pippen, who Smith defends after “The Last Dance” seemed to tarnish Pippen’s legacy a bit. We also pulled Horace Grant, Mitch Richmond and more.

This is just like our popular “Old Baseball Cards” show, but a fun spin-off for ’90s NBA nostalgia while everyone is watching “The Last Dance.” If you missed our first episode with Jalen Rose, be sure to check that out.

Instead of a trade, we end each episode by picking starting 5s. Both Rose and Smith built impressive teams. Rose thought no one could beat his. Smith thinks his 2020-championship caliber. What do you think?

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