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Who are Kennedy Eurich and Jason Goldenberg? Relationship drama explained

Popular TikTok creator Kennedy Eurich (@ken.eurich) stunned fans when she recently appeared in a series of videos with her ex-boyfriend Jason Goldenberg. But despite appearing super loving in many of the clips, the couple reportedly called it quits (again) just days after posting them.

Now, fans are flooding the comments to ask her what happened, though Eurich has yet to clarify her relationship status.

Who is Kennedy Eurich?

Eurich, 22, is a Pennsylvania native now living in Austin, Texas. She first shot to fame on TikTok in 2021, mostly after sharing the wild (but apparently true) story of a date gone horribly wrong.

Since then, she’s amassed a following of more than 1.4 million by continuing her penchant for oversharing hilarious details from her life while holding nothing back.

“I’ve just always been an open book, like my entire life, like a little bit too much,” she told Yahoo Life in November 2022.

In addition to sharing her embarrassing mishaps, Eurich has also been candid about everything from her struggles with anxiety to her experiences with plastic surgery. And on a recent episode of Hannah Berner’s podcast “Berning in Hell,” Eurich admitted she always thought she’d become “famous” one day and feels she manifested everything her life has become.

That said, Eurich confesses that she always thought she’d be an actress, not a “mediocre TikToker.”

“But that’s OK!” she added. “You’ve gotta start somewhere.”

Who is Jason Goldenberg?

Goldenberg became a familiar face to fans after he first began dating Eurich last year. But now, since rumors of their most recent split started to swirl, there seems to be renewed interest in his backstory.

Unfortunately, there’s not too much to share because, unlike Eurich, Goldenberg isn’t an influencer and doesn’t even have a social presence. Other than being an on-again, off-again feature in Eurich’s TikToks, little is known about the fellow Austinite besides that he’s a go-to market strategy adviser at a company called 4D Capital.

What is the latest dating drama between Kennedy Eurich and Jason Goldenberg?

Fans are still trying to get to the bottom of what happened between Eurich and Goldenberg after the influencer’s ex suddenly reappeared — and then disappeared — from her TikToks.

Speculation first started last week when Eurich posted a TikTok of herself walking down a city street with another guy.

“Get a man who gets you,” she said happily. “We’re going to a restaurant that I don’t really like love because I’m the pickiest eater in the world. And he DoorDashed me McDonald’s to my apartment beforehand so I can bring it to dinner.”

Fans immediately took note, with one user writing, “Jason with the biggest comeback of 2023.”

But others questioned whether that was really Goldenberg in the background or if it was actually one of her other male friends.

Just days later, Eurich posted another video that seemed to confirm Goldenberg was back in her life.

While sitting on a couch with her dog, Ma, Eurich giddily told her followers that Jason bought her a CELINE bag as a surprise.

Then, in another follow-up video, she was seen embracing Goldenberg happily while announcing that he would be coming with her on an upcoming press trip to Paris.

But just hours later, Eurich posted a vague and teary-eyed TikTok video that had followers yet again wondering if things were done between the two.

“OK, so my night definitely — I’m not going to go into detail — but it flipped for sure,” Eurich told her followers.

According to Distractify, the influencer had also posted a telling image to her Instagram Stories shortly after leaving Goldenberg’s place. Though it’s gone now, it reportedly showed Eurich crying in a car with the text, “Jk Siri play Olivia Rodrigo.”

Fans continue to be confused, asking questions in the comments of Eurich’s videos and wondering aloud what could have happened.

“What did he do?” one user asked.

“ken do not tell me y’all broke up,” wrote someone else. “what is w the ig story!!”

“Omg not us flipping to team Jason & flipping back within two hours,” another person wrote.

A few people, however, ignored the drama and gave Eurich some sage relationship advice instead.

“Ken, never look for happiness in the same place you lost it,” one person advised. “Rely on ur self for happiness because in the end u will always be there.”

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