Kate Upton calls out Twitter trolls angry about her baseball opinion

Kate Upton, model and wife of Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, has baseball opinions. That’s understandable since she’s married to a pitcher and watches a ton of baseball games. She shared one such opinion on Tuesday night during Game 6 of the World Series, a game that her husband started against the Washington Nationals. But he wasn’t the topic — it was a possible rules violation that stopped the game dead for 10 minutes.

Upton tweeted about the now-famous Trea Turner play, in which he was ruled out due to batter interference for running inside the baseline and blocking Yuli Gurriel’s catch at first base. It was a controversial decision (ultimately a judgment call for the umpire) that seemed to kill a Nationals rally, and Upton, who was at the game, shared her interpretation of the rules.

She pointed out that the lane for runners is clearly defined, and the rule states that runners need to stay within those two lines. The umpires on the field agreed with her, and they even confirmed it after the fact by sharing the exact wording of the rule.

Upton got more than 3,000 replies to her tweet, and not all of them were great. While many simply told her that she was wrong (using a variety of creative words and phrases), others questioned her knowledge of the sport, told her to go back to modeling, or worse.

Those tweets are just a small selection of what Upton saw in her mentions. So just over an hour later, once the game was over, she tweeted again.

As a celebrity and the wife of a baseball player, Upton’s comments are looked at under a microscope that blows them up into unreal proportions. But she’s a person who watches sports and has opinions just like the rest of us. And in this case, she was right!

Of course, that call didn’t end up mattering since Anthony Rendon hit a two-run home run right after the game resumed to give the Nationals a three-run lead, and drove in two more runs in the 9th inning to hand the Astros a 7-2 loss. For some reason Upton didn’t tweet about any of that! Weird, right?

Kate Upton called out Twitter trolls who got angry over her well-informed baseball opinion. (Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

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