Kate McKinnon And A Cat Purr-fectly Sum Up Pete Davidson’s Messy Love Life

Kate McKinnon and a feline friend were not kitten around when they took a swipe at Pete Davidson.

McKinnon stars in Hellmann’s new Super Bowl spot alongside a furry little companion named “Mayo Cat.” In the ad, McKinnon’s fictional pet cat (who is sadly not one of her real-life pets, but a professional kitty named Chipmunk) becomes an overnight celebrity after it’s discovered she can “talk” and aids humanity with a revolutionary idea.

In the ad, Mayo Cat eventually becomes so A-list that she even has a dalliance with a certain “Saturday Night Live” alum who cycles through relationships with Hollywood It Girls as quickly as a cat downs a can of Fancy Feast.

Although Mayo Cat did not find Davidson’s BDE as enticing as catnip in the commercial, the same can’t be said for McKinnon’s feelings for Chipmunk, who plays Mayo Cat.

“The chemistry between me and Chipmunk, it’s a romance. It’s a romantic commercial,” she jokingly told People.

She also noted to the magazine that Davidson was on board for the mockery and they had a great time filming the ad.

“I love Pete and whenever me and my colleagues see each other, it’s just this immediate sense of warmth and family and ‘Oh my God, my brother, how are you?’” she told People of her former “SNL” co-star. “He’s so sweet and great and so it was really fun.”