'They just need someone to slot in and do the job of coaching'

BBC Sport's football news reporter Nizaar Kinsella has been discussing Chelsea's move for Leicester City boss Enzo Maresca on BBC Radio 5 Live's Monday Night Club:

"They quite like the fact that he has an identity and they see him as a good fit.

"If we look at how Mauricio Pochettino fell out with Chelsea, a huge part of it was personality driven, a huge part of it was control and him wanting to be a bit more of an old-school manager.

"Maresca is quite happy, it seems, to be a head coach fitting into their first-team structure.

"Chelsea feel like they have built a modern, elite environment - or are building that and it did need modernising after the Roman Abramovich era - and they feel like they are getting there now.

"They just a need someone to slot in and do the job of coaching, rather than getting involved in transfers."

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