'Just look at the stats' - fans back Klopp on early kick-offs

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We asked you if you agreed with Jurgen Klopp's complaints about Liverpool's fixture congestion, particularly regarding playing at 12:30 on a Saturday.

Here are some of your replies:

Wes: You only have to look at the statistics to see that Liverpool have been given far too many 12:30 kick-offs, especially when you take into account that we have been in European competitions playing midweek most of the time. With further fixture congestion coming next season, we will only see more injuries and more English clubs exiting Europe in the early stages.

Kevin: They are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. If a team plays midweek, they should be exempt from playing in the early schedule.

Benjamin: Klopp has a point regarding early kick-offs, but with clubs having big squads unless players are injured and the squad depth is not there, then I believe you can rotate players to play at 12:30.

Alex: Everyone who enjoys the sport should agree that the fixture congestion is something which needs to be changed in the English game. Other top leagues seem to manage to get through a season without there being controversy on the subject. Broadcasters should be fitting around football, not football fitting around the broadcasters.

Ronan: Yes he is right. The quality of the matches at 12:30 are below average and the crowds are quieter also.