Judge gets his own special section at Yankee Stadium

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Judge gets his own special section at Yankee Stadium

The New York Yankees unveiled an 18-seat section in the right field stands of their ballpark to promote rising star Aaron Judge.

The opening of 'The Judger's Chambers' took place pre-game at Yankee Stadium on Monday, before the Yankees beat the Kansas City Royals 4-2 in MLB.

Tickets to the section are not for sale. Instead, the team will choose 18 fans each game to sit there.

"It's pretty cool," Judge said. "When you come to a game, it's supposed to be fun for the players and the fans. I feel like it might be something that's fun for the fans out there.

"They just brought it up to me and said 'Hey, this is what we're going to do.' They're going to put out a section and call it Judge's Chambers and give them little judge outfits and we'll see what happens. I think it turned out great."

Judge, 25, added: "It's pretty unreal. I never would have thought so soon. But the fans like it, so I'm glad they're having fun."

Ahead of Monday's action, right fielder Judge led MLB with 15 home runs and had 30 RBI with a .321/.421/.707 slash line.