Did Jordan Spieth get engaged for Christmas?

Liz Roscher | Devil Ball Golf

Most people traditionally give their gifts on Christmas Day, but it appears that Jordan Spieth decided that Christmas Eve was the perfect time to give a very special gift to his longtime girlfriend, Annie Verret.

A photo has been making its way around social media that shows Speith and Verret together, and Verret has something ENORMOUS on her ring finger.

It definitely looks like the two of them are engaged!

Verret certainly looks surprised and thrilled. Or maybe she’s gasping because it’s hard to lift her hand with that gigantic rock on it.

Varret and Spieth and the 2016 Australian Open. Image: Getty

Spieth and Verret have been together for a long time; the two of them originally started dating in high school and remained close despite attending different colleges.

The couple hasn’t made an official announcement yet and hadn’t answered Golf.com’s request for comment, but that didn’t stop Spieth’s fellow golfer Colt Knost from congratulating his friend (and lamenting all the broken hearts from Speith’s many fans).

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