Jonas Eidevall: Arsenal boss says Emma Hayes' 'aggression' comment was 'irresponsible'

Arsenal boss Jonas Eidevall said it was "irresponsible" of Chelsea counterpart Emma Hayes to refer to "male aggression" when asked about an altercation between the two managers during the Women's League Cup final.

Hayes appeared to push away Eidevall at full-time of Arsenal's 1-0 victory.

When asked what happened, Hayes said: "I am not down for male aggression on the touchline. I told him this."

Eidevall said he did not feel "comfortable with the label".

The Swede had a brief altercation with Chelsea midfielder Erin Cuthbert during the game, which he said arose because the teams had disagreed about whether there should be a multi-ball system when the ball went out.

"Chelsea wanted a one-ball system," said the Arsenal boss. "So we played with one ball, then in the final minutes they want another ball to play quickly. I said this and Erin was not happy in that situation."

Eidevall was booked for the incident but Hayes believed he should have been dismissed.

When he approached Hayes at full-time, the two initially shook hands, but the Chelsea boss then pushed him away.

"There is a way to conduct yourself on the touchline," she said. "He got a yellow card and should have been sent off.

"I get he is a winner, but his behaviour is unacceptable. There were a couple [of instances], but the way he fronted up to Erin was unacceptable. We should not blow it up, and I'm sure when he is calm we can have a conversation.

"It is not the first time he has been told, but it should not be a massive story."

When asked about Hayes' comments, Eidevall said he "did not see it as a big thing".

"I don't see me as aggressive. She is irresponsible putting that label on it," he added.

"There is a way you behave in the technical area. You need to be a good winner and a good loser. I am happy with the way I conduct myself. Others need to look at themselves in the mirror."

Earlier this season, Manchester City boss Gareth Taylor accused Eidevall of "bullying" a fourth official.

The Arsenal manager responded by saying he was "disappointed" by the comments and they were "borderline slander".

Former Chelsea and Arsenal defender Anita Asante, who played under Eidevall at FC Rosengard, said on BBC Two: "Jonas has got a bit of edge, a bit of intensity and we saw that on the sidelines.

"He is always there trying to push the players and motivate them.

"A game like this matters to both managers. It's a part of their personality and character and sometimes it can spill over slightly but it's all in the intention of winning."