Johnny and Amy were rooting for other “Love Is Blind” couples to get married, too: 'What's going on?'

"We just really had no idea what was going on with that," Johnny McIntyre tells EW.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the Love Is Blind season 6 finale.

Just like Love Is Blind fans, the duo in season 6's only success story also wants to know why no other couples got married.

Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés were one of only two couples to even make it down the aisle in the finale, and they were the only ones to actually say "I do" at the altar. Aside from many, many conversations about birth control, their season-long love story was relatively unproblematic and an absolute fairytale compared to everyone else's. And it turns out that they had no idea just how messy their fellow cast members were being until they watched the season when it premiered.

<p>Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix</p> Amy and Johnny

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Amy and Johnny

"When you watch it back, you saw us kind of in our own world, and we really were in our own world," Johnny tells EW. "So when we heard about the thing with Jeramey and Laura and Sarah Ann, we were like, 'What's going on? Who is that?' We just really had no idea what was going on with that. Then with Jimmy and Chelsea, Jimmy always said it was a very good time so we assumed they were doing good as well, and then it didn't actually work out."

Johnny laughs as he explains how he and Amy really didn't know what was actually going on until much later. "Learning about all the other couples, what they were dealing with in their own day-to-day lives, that was the biggest realization or biggest shock that we got from watching everything back again," he adds.

Amy describes learning what was actually going down for every other couple as "an out-of-body experience."

"I'm rooting for these people," she tells EW. "I love them, I need them together, and it's just very interesting to watch back." She was most shocked by the outcome of AD and Clay's wedding, which ended with AD saying "I do" and Clay turning her down at the altar. "I was really rooting for Clay and AD, just because of their chemistry," she adds. "But I didn't know what other conversations were had behind closed doors."

Johnny and Amy feel like they're fans of the show as much as a large part of this season because of how unpredictable the episodes were for them as they watched. "We tried staying out of everyone's personal lives, so we really only got the, 'How's it going?' And they said, 'Good,' and that was basically all we really tried to learn about people's relationships at the time," Johnny says.

As for how their own love story turned out, Johnny and Amy laugh as they reveal they knew they were going to get married long before they walked down the aisle, even though editing made it seem more dramatic.

"They told us we were supposed to be apart for, I think, three days before the wedding, to really think about our decision and what we want to do," Johnny says. "And of course, we were apart only for three minutes before my Uber came to pick me up, and then Amy took my car to go back to her hotel, then that Uber picked her up, so [producers] didn't really know. Did anyone yell at us? No, but we definitely knew we were both going to say yes well in advance."

Amy has loved getting to watch their entire relationship play out on TV because it only solidifies just how sure they felt about each other at the time and now, almost a year later. "It's awesome watching because it's obvious that we lived it and we knew the chemistry, we were feeling all those feelings, but then seeing it from an outsider point of view, it just puts more emphasis on that we made the right decision," she says. "I love our story so much — but I'm biased."

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