Who is John Fury? Tommy Fury’s father flips table and swears at KSI

Who is John Fury? Tommy Fury’s father flips table and swears at KSI

Ex-bare-knuckle fighter John Fury caused a storm at Tuesday’s press conference for son Tommy’s fight against KSI.

As they were promoting Tommy’s October 14 fight, things took a turn for the worse. Heated jabs were exchanged between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, and Fury and his son. The sceen futher descended into chaos when Fury started flipping and kicking over tables, and swearing at KSI.

A security crew had to step in and hold back the 59-year-old as he tried to get his hands on KSI.

KSI said after the event that he felt the outburst was “psycho” and “brought the party”, while Paul joked that he “thinks it’s great”.

“John Fury is a maniac,” he said, laughing. “He just brought it, I didn’t see that coming, all the tables, he’s amazing.”

KSI added: “He decided to take my one, his one, yours as well, mate. Unbelievable.”

Tommy has now confirmed that it was a comment about his brother, heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, and his upcoming fight against UFC star Francis Ngannou that triggered his father.

Who is John Fury?

Born in Galway, Ireland, to a family of Irish Traveller heritage, six foot three inch Fury had a professional boxing career that spanned eight years, and has taken part in 13 bouts.

He began his career losing to rugby league player Adam Fogerty in 1987, but later went on to win his next six fights until a draw with David Hopkins in Helsinki in 1989.

He also competed for the Central Area title against Neil Malpass, but lost on points.

Fury then rebounded with wins against future British title challenger Michael Murray and future Italian title challenger Cesare Di Benedetto.

He suffered a KO loss against future WBO champion Henry Akinwande, before taking a four-year break from the ring.

In 1995, he returned to fight against former opponent Steve Garber, but was knocked out again inside four rounds.

Fury ended his career with a record of 8–4–1.

Fury has had six children, including two-time heavyweight boxing world champion Tyson, whom he named after former professional boxer Mike Tyson.

He’s also dad to professional boxer and reality star Tommy (24), as well as Roman (26), Hughie (28), and Shane (32). His only daughter, Ramona, tragically passed away months after birth.

In 2011, Fury was given an 11-year sentence and found guilty of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm for gouging a man’s eye out in a brawl in 2010. The brawl broke out over a 12-year dispute. Fury served four years of his sentence and was released from prison in February 2015.

Tuesday’s heated exchange was not the first time Fury had brawled with Tommy’s competitors. In November, Fury hit out at Logan Paul’s brother Jake after the latter heckled Fury’s son Tommy during a match. Fury told Paul: “Forget my son, I’m the king of the bareknuckle.”

Fury appeared in the ITV documentary series At Home with The Furys. He has more than 350,000 followers on Instagram, under the handle @gypsyjohnfury.