Jimmy Kimmel Has Withering 1-Liner For Aaron Rodgers And The Jets

Jimmy Kimmel taunted NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers over a report that Rodgers is in the mix to become independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate in the 2024 election.

Rodgers is rumored to be on fellow anti-vaxxer Kennedy’s shortlist alongside wrestler-turned-former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, Kimmel noted Wednesday.

But Rodgers and Ventura “are not running mates” material, argued Kimmel.

“They are who the bookers on ‘The Masked Singer’ call when Rob Schneider says no,” he cracked.

Kimmel noted how Rodgers, who he clashed with earlier this year over baseless claims peddled about him by the athlete, is still playing football for the New York Jets.

Then came the zinger, “How many losing teams can he be a part of at once?”

The Kennedy campaign said he’ll announce a running mate on Mar. 26.

Watch Kimmel’s monologue here: