Jimmy Kimmel Taunts Donald Trump Over One Of His Saddest Moments Yet

Jimmy Kimmel went to town on Donald Trump’s new nickname for himself.

The former president at 1:30 a.m. on Monday described himself as “Honest Don” when he challenged President Joe Biden to debate him “ANY TIME, ANY PLACE” in a post on his Truth Social platform.

“He’s giving himself nicknames now,” mocked Kimmel.

“Is there anything sadder than giving yourself a nickname at 1:30 a.m.? On the toilet, going ‘Honest Don,’ that’s going to be…” he continued.

“‘Honest’ is Abe Lincoln’s nickname. Even the nickname ‘Honest’ is stolen,” said Kimmel.

The late-night host then reeled off other monikers that “would be better” for the four-times-indicted ex-president — from “Don the Con” and “Genghis Don” to “Donye West” and “Donald Duck the Draft.”

Watch the video here: