Jimmy Fallon Points Out The Big Downsides To Seizing Donald Trump’s Assets

Donald Trump faces the seizure of his assets if he doesn’t post $175 million in bond by April 4. But Jimmy Fallon is warning prosecutors about the major downsides to some of Trump’s properties.

The former president’s Trump Tower, for example. “Upside: located in Midtown Manhattan. Downside: Melania [Trump] locked herself in her panic room and won’t come out,” the comedian quipped on “The Tonight Show” Monday.

His Florida Mar-a-Lago estate? “Upside: historic seaside property. Downside: can’t use toilet because it’s clogged full of classified documents.”

The upside to Trump National Golf Club in Jersey is it’s an “upscale club an hour outside New York City.” The downside? “Your caddy is Rudy Giuliani.”

An appellate court on Monday pushed back Trump’s original bond deadline by 10 days and reduced the required figure from more than $450 million.

Fallon quipped, “It’s the first time someone’s ever heard, ‘Good news! You only owe $175 million.’”

Watch his roast on “The Tonight Show” below.