Jimmy Fallon Jabs Eric Trump With 1-Liner About His Dad’s Bond Problem

Jimmy Fallon on Monday mocked self-described billionaire Donald Trump after the former president’s lawyers declared it “a practical impossibility” that he’d be able to put up the $464 million needed for the bond to appeal his civil fraud conviction.

“In his defense, how is a billionaire ever supposed to come up with half a billion dollars, you know? Come on, do the math,” cracked “The Tonight Show” host during his opening monologue.

“Trump handed over everything he has, and the judge was like, ‘I’m still gonna need the other $463 million,’” Fallon added.

Then came a zinger for presumptive GOP nominee Trump’s son Eric.

“Yep, Trump is pretty desperate for the money right now. If you go on Airbnb, you can rent Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago and Eric.”

Watch Fallon’s full monologue here: