Jets S Jamal Adams latest to blast Drew Brees, Jake Fromm for 'bulls--- ass apologies'

There will be many conversations in NFL locker rooms this year that have nothing to do with football.

Some of those conversations will be uncomfortable. Hopefully everyone will listen and learn.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was roundly criticized for saying that he couldn’t support any protests that disrespected the flag. Then text messages sent by Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Jake Fromm, which said guns should be expensive so only “elite white people” could buy them, were posted on social media.

Both players apologized. Brees did it twice. Some players aren’t buying the apology, and New York Jets star safety Jamal Adams had the most blunt reaction to them.

Jamal Adams doesn’t want to hear apologies

Adams summarily dismissed the apologies from Fromm and Brees in a to-the-point tweet about them.

(WARNING: Adams’ message contains explicit language)

Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe and others got to their message in different ways, but most of them were similar, especially for Brees: Players know what Brees originally said is what he feels.

It will be hard for either player to convince their teammates and others that they are truly sorry. When Colin Kaepernick and others kneeled during the national anthem to bring awareness to social injustice, there weren’t as many of these battles between NFL players over the issue. In 2020, after the death of George Floyd led to nationwide protests over police brutality, there have been swift and widespread reactions to ignorant opposition around the league. Even for Brees, one of the best players ever.

Coaches better be aware of the situation. There will be some tense, and hopefully educational, moments in locker rooms around the league in the fall.

New York Jets strong safety Jamal Adams did not accept apologies from Drew Brees and Jake Fromm. (AP Photo/Gary Landers)

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