Jesse Metcalfe Hits Back at Sharna Burgess’s “Reckless” Claims About ‘DWTS’

Jesse Metcalfe Responds to Sharna’s ‘DWTS’ ClaimsKelsey McNeal - Getty Images

Desperate Housewives alum Jesse Metcalfe is not here for Sharna Burgess’s recent implication that he’s one of the worst Dancing With the Stars partners she’s ever had to work with.

To rewind a moment, Sharna seemingly called out Jesse (without dropping his name) on the premiere episode of her podcast Oldish, saying when she returned to DWTS after winning the Mirrorball Trophy, she had a parter who was “really difficult” to work with. Like, difficult to the point where “I wasn’t able to be in the room alone with him after the first couple of weeks because of things that happened. And so that was rocky, and we were eliminated very quickly.”

Fans put the timing together, and it seemed pretty obvious that Jesse was the person she was talking about. In response, Jesse’s rep issued a statement to TV Line, saying, “If she is referring to a time where our client Jesse Metcalfe worked with Ms. Burgess four years ago, the only recollection was that they didn’t get along. Vague insinuations are not only reckless but also irrelevant.”

Just FYI, Sharna won’t be returning to the show this season as a pro partner, which she confirmed elsewhere in the podcast, saying, “I wasn’t asked back to do Dancing With the Stars, which was definitely a huge shock to me.” She added, “It was such a shock because I wasn’t expecting it—it was tough.”

Details on the current cast of Dancing With the Stars right this way:

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