'S***, that's my kid!': Teenager's shocking speedway crash

A 19-year-old speedway driver has relived the moment he flipped multiple times before a fence saved him from further damage at a meet on New Year's Eve.

Jayd Mathews was midway through a wingless sprintcar race at Nickol Bay Speedway in Karratha when the incident occurred.

Onboard footage showed the teenager take a wider line into a corner after he thought he had space to two rivals on the inside.

But the horror moment arrived when he collided with side of one of the cars, sending him flying into the air.

The before and after. Pic: Facebook/Jayd Mathews, JBoy Motorsports

“I came into the corner and another bloke tried to come underneath me. It didn’t really work and I went over,” Mathews told the West Australian.

“(I thought) ‘Oh my god, I’m flying’. I was conscious the whole time and all I could do was hold onto the steering wheel until it stopped.”

Crowd footage showed fans fleeing their seats after Mathews rolled multiple times before his car became caught on the fence and then settled in an upright position on the track:

As his front right tyre wheeled off in the distance and help began to arrive, Mathews could be heard counting his lucky stars as he caught his breath.

"We watched it and thought, 's***, that's my kid!" mother Karen Mathews said.

He was taken to hospital for precautionary scans, which came back all clear beyond some neck and back pain.

The fence took a beating. Pic: Facebook/JBoy Motorsports

His team, who confirmed the car would be rebuilt for the state titles, shared some light-hearted responses to the incident on Facebook.

"Knee guard works," one post read, while another added: "Well, this will be his last rollover for 2017."