Jason Kelce Says He Has "Alarms" About Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift

jason kelce, travis kelce, taylor swift

Jason Kelce was asked about his thoughts on Travis Kelce dating Taylor Swift, and he—per usual—did not hold back.

While speaking with NBC Sports about the increased attention on his brother, Jason explained, "It's certainly been weird, the level that it is now. On one hand, I'm happy for my brother that he seems to be in a relationship that he's excited about, that he is genuine about. But there's another end of it where it's like, 'Man, this is a lot.'"

"There’s paparazzi talking about him fueling his car before the game today and I’m like, 'Is that really necessary information to share?'" he continued. "This is another level of stardom that typically football players don’t deal with. And so on one hand, really, really happy for my brother and where he’s at in his current situation with Taylor but on the other hand, there’s some, I think, alarms sometimes with how you know, over-in-pursuit people can be."

jason kelce, travis kelce, taylor swift
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That said, Jason thinks that "Overall, he can deal with some of this. As long as it’s not, you know, becoming a threat to his safety and things like that.”

Taylor and Travis are definitely getting serious, and a source told Us Weekly that, "They’re really happy. They’re not saying they’re in love yet. But it’s obvious to her friends they’re heading in that direction. Friends think they’re in love."

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