Jason Kelce Is Just ‘Like That,’ Mom Says of Shirtless Celebration

Kathryn Riley/Getty
Kathryn Riley/Getty

When Jason Kelce captured the internet (and upset his wife) with an emphatic bare-chested celebration in the stands of the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday, his mom was unperturbed. In fact, this was far from the first time her son has stripped down in triumph, Donna Kelce told People: “He just saves it for special moments.” Donna described her son as a goofball who keeps his serious side forward when he’s playing on the field. But now that his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, has been eliminated from the NFL playoffs, Kelce can “finally let his hair down” in support of his brother Travis, who plays for the still-viable Chiefs. “Jason’s just being Jason,” Donna said. “This is who he is. He is bigger than life, no doubt about it!”

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