'January is not the best time to integrate with a new side'

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Former Premier League defender Nedum Onuoha has sympathised with the players who have moved to struggling clubs during the January transfer window, on The Football News Show: "I only had one move in January and that was from Manchester City - who were winning the league - to QPR - who were fighting relegation - so it was a bit of a change, you could say.

"Getting to learn about your team-mates, when you are also fighting fires in real time, it's not the best time to integrate with a new side. Things weren't great.

"When you're winning games, it's far easier but we weren't in that position.

"It was tough and then making the adjustment and stuff with family, halfway through the season, but again it's something you have to do if you want to find football.

"I was going somewhere to try to find more football. If you're someone who is being signed because you are the pinnacle, then maybe it is different but that wasn't the experience for me."

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