James Blunt recalls embarrassing moment he was recognised on speeding awareness course

James Blunt recalls getting recognised on speeding awareness course (Getty Images for BFI)
James Blunt recalls getting recognised on speeding awareness course (Getty Images for BFI)

James Blunt has recalled the embarrassing moment he was recognised while completing a speeding awareness course over Zoom.

The Goodbye My Lover hitmaker was prompted to share his experience after reposting actor Eddie Marsan’s post in which he detailed his own “humiliating” attendance at one after nobody noticed him.

The British actor, 54, known for his roles in Ray Donovan, Harry Potter and Guy Ritchie’s The Gentleman took to Twitter on Monday and penned: “I had to do a speed awareness course and, as a famous actor, it was really humiliating…no one recognised me.”

In a show of solidarity, Blunt retweeted his post and shared his own rather humbling experience at one – and revealed that unlike Marsan, he was recognised and in fact became the butt of a fellow attendee’s joke.

He shared: “Mine was on Zoom, and I thought I’d got away with not being recognised, till the instructor asked people if they could think of ways to keep calm whilst driving.

“Someone suggested listening to some James Blunt, and everyone pissed themselves.”

After sharing the hilarity, many of his 2.2million followers commented under the tweet, claiming that he is “one of the best things about” the social media app.

One fan quipped: “Again, Mr Blunt slays Twitter without even trying.”

“You really are one of the best things about twitter,” another remarked. A third added: “Brutal if true. Still funny if not!”

A fourth continued: “I would have paid to have been on that zoom call lol. Sorry but I’m actually a fan but it would have got me smiling”.

Blunt did not clarify when he did the course nor for what reason. The Standard has contacted his rep for comment.

A speed awareness course is designed to cover low-end speeding offences detected by automatic camera devices and police officers and want to avoid a fine and points on their licence.

The course is designed to change attitudes towards breaking the speed limit, with the aim to make drivers more mindful of speed and the impact this can have on other road users.