Jack Draper vs Cameron Norrie LIVE! Wimbledon 2024 latest score and updates as British rivals clash

Jack Draper vs Cameron Norrie LIVE! Wimbledon 2024 latest score and updates as British rivals clash

Jack Draper vs Cameron Norrie LIVE!

On a big day of home interest at Wimbledon, the British men’s no1 takes on the British men’s no2 for the first time at SW19. Draper last month replaced Norrie as the top-ranked men’s player in the country, and a win today would see him reach the third round of this home Grand Slam for the first time in his career.

Norrie was a semi-finalist at Wimbledon back in 2022 but came into this year's tournament out of form, recording 16 wins and 13 losses ahead of today’s clash. However, he holds a favourable 2-0 career head-to-head record over his friend, which includes a win on grass in 2021.

The pair get on well together but Draper says that Norrie "won't like the fact that I'm no1", while the British no2 has piled the pressure on his younger opponent by labelling him as the favourite for this match. Draper came through a marathon five-setter against Elias Ymer to tee up this tie, while Norrie ousted Facundo Diaz Acosta in straight sets. Follow Draper vs Norrie at Wimbledon live below!

Draper vs Norrie latest updates

  • Norrie takes the first set on a tiebreak

  • How to watch: BBC and iPlayer

  • Standard Sport prediction

  • Day four schedule

Draper (3)6-7, 4-6, (6)6-7 Norrie

19:10 , Dom Smith

Draper then double-faults for 6-7, handing Norrie a second match point. It’s a dreadful time for Draper to produce a double-fault, clearly.

And as the sound of an aeroplane noises overhead, Draper hits a return into the net and Norrie is through.

Draper fought hard but loses (3)6-7, 4-6, (6)6-7

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 6-6 (6-6) Norrie

19:08 , Dom Smith

After the changeover, it’s Norrie who asserts his ascendency firstly with an ace.

Then a fine serve from Draper is wasted as he hits long with his next effort.

At 5-4 up, Norrie double faults, presenting Draper with a huge opportunity.

And then Draper saves a match point for 6-6!

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 6-6 (3-3) Norrie

19:03 , Dom Smith

So close to the perfect shot from Draper who works a Norrie back and then dropshots, only for it to land JUST out.

At 2-2, Draper loses the mini break through a good return of serve by Norrie. Mini break immediately back.

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 6-6 Norrie — tiebreak

18:58 , Dom Smith

We’re heading for a third-set tiebreak!

At 30-15 Norrie, Draper challenges immediately as Norrie hits it long. But it’s not TOO long. It’s in. 40-15, and soon enough it’s 6-6.

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 6-5 Norrie

18:54 , Dom Smith

Norrie sends Draper flying left and right and gets his reward to bring up 15-30, but Draper has served excellently in this match and does so again for 30-30 with Norrie nowhere near it.

At 40-30 and with Norrie miles away, Draper inexplicably fires wide. Deuce.

Ace. Ace. Game Draper.

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 5-5 Norrie

18:50 , Dom Smith

Norrie LEVEL AGAIN in the third set after holding.

That’s not to say his serving is back to its best, but he heads 40-0 ahead as Draper goes long and then aces to finish the job off.

5-5 in a thrilling third set!

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 5-4 Norrie

18:47 , Dom Smith

Norrie comes out HITTING in the ninth game of this third set and takes an almighty 0-40 lead on Draper after three well-worked points. He is then sent this way and that by Draper and then fires past him when Draper is at the net. Wow!

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 5-3 Norrie

18:44 , Dom Smith

Norrie again makes hard work of a service game but holds this one to 30, staying in the set at 3-5.

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 5-2 Norrie

18:40 , Dom Smith

And Draper holds serve well to bring up 5-2. He’s nearly there in the third set!

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 4-2 Norrie

18:37 , Dom Smith

Norrie’s serving has been really poor in this set.

He goes down 15-30 but comes back with a stunning, deft forehand into the far right corner.

But at deuce, there’s a roar from Draper as he gains advantage. Then a stunning winner from Draper hits the chalk of the baseline. He leads 4-2 in the third! That had been coming.

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 3-2 Norrie

18:31 , Dom Smith

Draper is making much easier work of his service games than his opponent at the moment, and holds for 3-2.

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 2-2 Norrie

18:29 , Dom Smith

Draper sizes up and duly slams down a huge forehand in this battle of the lefties.

At 40-30, Draper attacks a second serve with harsh force, firing a magnificent winner down the line.

Norries enters deuce on his service game and gets the first advantage as Draper hits long from a lengthy rally.

Then a double fault by Norrie, who is missing a lot of first serves at the moment.

Break point comes up for Draper, but he hits wide and is left head in hands.

A marathon deuce ensues, but Norrie wins it, leaving Draper enraged. 2-2.

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 2-1 Norrie

18:18 , Dom Smith

Draper races into a 40-0 lead and takes the game from there. So vital when two sets down that he holds serve, and he’s doing so with ease at the moment.

Norrie’s level, by contrast, has dropped off just a tad.

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 1-1 Norrie

18:16 , Dom Smith

At 15-15, Draper is jumping up and down in anticipation and there is a sense that maybe a break could be on the cards.

That feeling is still there as Draper takes the game to 30-30, but Draper is hitting upwards too much with his forehands and goes long.

Brutal ace from Norrie. 1-1.

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6, 1-0 Norrie

18:12 , Dom Smith

Draper looks a little happier on court now and secures an important hold of serve to begin the third set.

Norrie tries to dropshot his opponent, but 22-year-old Draper gets there and taps over the net. Then an ace. Then Norrie goes long. Game.

Short loo break...

18:09 , Dom Smith

The players take their leave briefly, before returning to the court ahead of the third set.

Draper 6-7(3), 4-6 Norrie

18:05 , Dom Smith

Norrie is now sets up and looking good for round three as it stands, with a commanding service game to see out the second set, 6-4.

Draper is by no means out of this, but he’d have to take it to five sets to turn this around now.

Draper 6-7(3), 4-5 Norrie

18:01 , Dom Smith

Draper looks despondent as one crosscourt shot lands just out and brings up 0-30 for Norrie.

Good returns of serve by Norrie in this game, but Draper holds his nerve to get back to 30-30.

Then soon enough it’s deuce, where Norrie again senses his moment to wrap up the second set.

Draper saves one break point and then double aces to hold.

Draper 6-7(3), 3-5 Norrie

17:56 , Dom Smith

Draper is straight back up off his seat as the umpire calls time, sensing a chance of getting that double break back to 4-4, and it starts well for him as Norrie nets.

The game gets to 30-30, and gains an importance service game for himself to move 5-3 ahead in the second set.

Draper 6-7(3), 3-4 Norrie

17:52 , Dom Smith

Into a 30-0 lead goes Draper, only to then double fault.

A thumping ace down the T takes him to 40-15, though, and it’s another to see out the game. He’s back in this second set!

Draper 6-7(3), 2-4 Norrie

17:50 , Dom Smith

There’s hope for Draper as he moves 15-30 ahead on Norrie’s serve by firing past him when Norrie has advanced to the net.

But Draper than wrongly angles a return of serve.

However, at break point, Norrie’s second serve hits the net, bounces out, and he’s broken back!

Draper 6-7(3), 1-4 Norrie

17:44 , Dom Smith

Draper nets on his first point of serve and then recovers with an ace.

Then a poor shot drifts wide to bring up 30-30 as Norrie eyes a third successive break.

But Draper is brave, approaches the net, and gets his reward with an angled volley and then an ace. 1-4 Norrie.

Draper 6-7(3), 0-4 Norrie

17:41 , Dom Smith

A limp shot into the net sees Draper edge 0-15 ahead, but Norrie is straight back to 15-15 with an excellent serve and ace.

Draper can’t catch a break at the moment! He sends Norrie well behind his baseline but Norrie then arrows the ball down the line and finishes another hold of serve off by acing his opponent.

Draper 6-7(3), 0-3 Norrie

17:37 , Dom Smith

Trouble for Draper, who looks a little beaten at the moment despite how close that first set was. His body language has taken a bit of a hit and Norrie rolls into a 0-40 lead.

And he takes the double break at the first time of asking, breaking to love!

Draper 6-7(3), 0-2 Norrie

17:34 , Dom Smith

A really strong hold by Norrie to back up his break, showing great serving. He’s on a roll right now!

Draper 6-7(3), 0-1 Norrie

17:31 , Dom Smith

Stunning winner by Draper down the line brings up 40-15, but he then causes a lull from the crowd with a double fault.

The Norrie stays in a point far longer than he should be allowed, before Draper hits the net for deuce.

Another double fault brings up break point Norrie — the first break point of the match.

And Norrie takes it, breaking in the first game of the second set!

Draper 6-7(3) Norrie

17:24 , Dom Smith

Wonderful first serve by Draper makes it 5-2.

Draper then saves one set point with a beautifully crafted point but loses the second as two smashes come straight back at him from the advanced Norrie, who roars as he takes the set.

Draper 6-6 (1-5) Norrie

17:21 , Dom Smith

The first three points all go against serve, and Norrie is able to back up his mini break to move 3-1 ahead as Draper slips at the net and is left looking up at the sky in frustration.

Soon the players sit down at 5-1 Norrie, who is almost there.

Draper 6-6 Norrie — tiebreak

17:16 , Dom Smith

We’re headed for a tiebreak in the opening set after the best-quality game so far.

A stunning rally for 30-0 sees both Brits running up and down their baselines until Draper eventually wins it.

Then Draper does a sensible leave before an ace. 6-6.

Draper 5-6 Norrie

17:13 , Dom Smith

Really strong serving from Norrie and a poor challenge by Draper sees Norrie hold once more. No breaks of serve still. 6-5.

Draper 5-5 Norrie

17:10 , Dom Smith

It’s long from Draper for 15-15 after a second serve, but he recovers with a well-earned point that included a shot few expected Norrie to make.

Double-fault Draper for 30-30.

First an ace, then Norrie goes long. An important hold for the 22-year-old. It’s 5-5.

Draper 4-5 Norrie

17:06 , Dom Smith

The longest rally of the match so far ends with Norrie a little fortunate that Draper strokes a forehand just into the tramlines.

Norrie holds to 15 and edges back ahead on serve, 5-4. Break now and the first set would be his.

Draper 4-4 Norrie

17:03 , Dom Smith

Really has been a close first set, this.

Norrie pulls Draper to the net on the third point but Draper gets there and wins it. He then slams an ace down the line for 40-15.

But Norrie quickly back to 40-30 and then to deuce as Draper produces the match’s first double fault.

Draper holds.

Draper 3-4 Norrie

16:57 , Dom Smith

Norries hits into the tramlines to make it 0-15 to Draper before serving an ace to level things up.

Then a wild miss-hit from Norrie as Draper edges 15-30 ahead on Norrie’s serve.

Norrie approaches the net and Draper passes him by, but the effort is just long and it’s back to 30-30.

The former world No8 can then only net at game point, so we head to deuce, where Norrie clicks into gear and wins two points instantly.

“New balls please.”

Draper 3-3 Norrie

16:54 , Dom Smith

Draper’s decision to approach the net is a poor one, as Norrie passes him by down the line for 0-15. But he then nets to lose that advantage.

Couple of unforced errors creeping into Draper’s game, yet his serve across court at 40-30 is a piledriver and keeps him on serve.

Draper 2-3 Norrie

16:49 , Dom Smith

Big roar as Norrie sends Draper to the leftmost extremities of the court before passing into an open court for 30-15.

It’s then a simple hold from there for the world No42.

Draper 2-2 Norrie

16:46 , Dom Smith

Draper hitting a fair few aces on serve and does so again for 15-15. And another. And another.

He then wins a fine rally as Norrie nets in the game’s final point.

Draper 1-2 Norrie

16:44 , Dom Smith

Spot of trouble as Norrie hits the net and allows Draper ahead 30-15. Then Draper goes long for 30-30.

Norrie, who has some rather loud supporters sat just in front of me in the press box, holds for 2-1. On serve still.

Draper 1-1 Norrie

16:39 , Dom Smith

Really strong serving from the 28th seed sees Draper race into a 40-0 lead.

And it’s the same again to hold to love. Strong start from him.

Draper 0-1 Norrie

16:38 , Dom Smith

Draper fires long after a good rally on the very first point, and then into the tramlines from Norrie on the second.

Third shot sees Draper’s shot called out. He challenges, but it was indeed miles out.

Then some good serving as Norrie holds service in the first game of the match.


16:35 , Dom Smith

The match has begun on Court 1!

Two minutes until action!

16:32 , Dom Smith

Just a couple of minutes to go now

Norrie not so much...

16:27 , Dom Smith

Cameron Norrie, meanwhile, has had a more difficult run recently.

The former world No8 is now ranked 42nd and has not reached the quarter-finals of a tour-level event since Barcelona all the way back in April.

Draper in good form

16:18 , Dom Smith

Jack Draper heads into the match in strong form.

He beat Matteo Berettini in the final of the Stuttgart Open last month to record his first major title, and came from a set down to defeat tricky Swede Elias Ymer in the Wimbledon first round on Tuesday.

The 28th seed has had an excellent year, having also made the final of the Italian Open where he lost to Daniil Medvedev.

Next up on Court 1!

16:05 , Dom Smith

It’s all over on Court 1 between Harriet Dart and the 32nd seed Katie Boulter.

It’s Dart who is in tears of joy after victory, having won a deciding set tie-break 10-8 despite trailing 6-2!

It ends as a 4-6, 6-1, 7-6 comeback win for Dart, who joins fellow Brits Sonay Kartal and Emma Raducanu in the third round.

Now onto Norrie vs Draper!

Head to head

15:54 , Dom Smith

This will be the first best-of-five-sets meeting between Draper and Norrie.

The latter has won both previous tour-level matches, first at Queens in 2021 and then at the Miami Masters in 2022.

Standard Sport prediction

15:45 , Dom Smith

Norrie may be the more familiar name to seasoned watchers of Wimbledon, but it is Draper who heads into the match seeded and with the better form.

Could be a close one, and Standard Sport predicts a five-set victory for Draper.

Day Four Schedule

15:36 , Dom Smith

Thursday has already been a busy day of tennis here at SW19, and it will continue to be so.

Novak Djokovic is currently on serve in the third set against British wildcard Jacob Fearnley, while Andy and Jamie Murray will compete later in the men’s doubles.

Here is the Day Four schedule in full!

How to watch

15:29 , Dom Smith

This match will be broadcast live in the UK on BBC One, or you can watch the action via the BBC iPlayer.

We also have all the action here, via Standard Sport’s dedicated live blog!

Start time

15:23 , Dom Smith

This match will immediately follow another all-British affair.

Harriet Dart is currently a break up in the deciding set against Katie Boulter, 4-6, 6-1, 4-3, on Court 1, so we could soon see Norrie and Draper emerge.

Won’t be long now. Likely start time: 3:45pm.

Good afternoon!

15:19 , Dom Smith

Hello, and welcome to Standard Sport’s coverage of Jack Draper versus Cameron Norrie LIVE from Wimbledon.

These two are Britain’s biggest hopes in the men’s singles this year, though Draper heads into the match as the clear favourite.

We’ll be providing live commentary and updates of the match right from Court 1 at Wimbledon throughout the match. Don’t go away!