Israel Folau's surprise social media move on eve of court date

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

UPDATE, 9:10pm: Israel Folau’s accounts on both Instagram and Twitter appear to have been reactivated.

Now new posts have been made on either account, nor has any explanation for them being deleted and subsequently reactivated been given by Folau or any of his legal team.

Folau’s case against Rugby Australia and the NSW Waratahs will proceed as planned in the Federal Court on Tuesday morning.


Israel Folau has deleted his accounts on social media platforms Instagram and Twitter, less than 24 hours before he is due to begin court proceedings against Rugby Australia.

The Sydney Morning Herald first reported that the accounts had been de-activated on Monday afternoon.

A directions hearing into Folau’s unlawful dismissal claim against Rugby Australia will be heard by the Federal Court in Melbourne on Tuesday morning.

'INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS': Kiwis rage over 'illegal' Wallabies tactic

When searching Folau’s handle on both platforms, @izzyfolau, both sites load pages informing the user accounts by that name do not exist.

It was on Instagram that the whole Folau saga kicked off, when the then-Wallabies and NSW Waratahs star posted an image stating homosexuals, among others, would ‘go to hell’.

The day before his court case against Rugby Australia is due to begin, Israel Folau has deleted his accounts on Instagram and Twitter. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The post attracted swift condemnation, but ultimately led to Folau claiming $10 million in damages from Rugby Australia.

The Herald reported they had contacted Folau’s representatives for comment, but that none had been offered.

Folau nemesis’ brutal sledge after Wallabies win

Was anyone revelling in the Wallabies’ shock win over New Zealand more than Peter FitzSimons?

The former Wallabies star absolutely lapped up the historic victory on Saturday night, before taking aim at Israel Folau on Sunday morning.

Appearing on Channel Nine’s Sports Sunday, FitzSimons couldn’t resist a dig at Folau.

"There was a player missing ... I can't remember, what was his name? Is it Israel? What happened to that bloke?" FitzSimons said, sparking laughter from the panel.

FitzSimons has been a staunch critic of Folau’s homophobic stance, leading the praise for Rugby Australia’s decision to sack him.

But FitzSimons wasn’t alone in pointing out that the Wallabies didn’t miss a beat without Folau.

Fans flocked to social media after the game to mock the sacked star.