Iris Law twins hair with a baby deer – yes you read that right

If you enjoy spotting all the dogs that look like their owners, this is a story for you. We love it when we can work cute animals into the beauty news we share with you, but it doesn't happen that often, or ever, really. We've been holding onto the joy from the time Rita Ora twinned with a spaniel on TikTok last year. But thank you Iris Law because this could just be even cuter and has topped up our joy reserves.

Iris just found her doppelgänger in deer form, posting the most adorable 'Who wore it best?' you've ever seen, featuring her matching hair with a tiny baby deer.

Both are wearing two little bows in their hair, Iris wearing black and the baby deer sporting a fitting baby pink (baby deer pink?). And with Iris' cropped fair hair, sculpted heart-shaped face and slight frame, there really is a resemblance. Bambi, is that you?

Iris is a model but has dabbled in the family business with a spot of acting, and if she ever voiced an animal version of herself for animation or CGI, the creators need look no further because this little cutie really is Iris' animal twin, her patronus, if you will.

What can we say? It's not the news we expected to deliver today, but we're taking great pleasure in doing so.

BRB while we go rewatch Rita and the dog again. It really is the little things in life.

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