Ipswich Town fan has 'euphoric' BBC Radio Suffolk commentary tattooed

A football fan has immortalised BBC Radio Suffolk's "euphoric" commentary of a goal by having it tattooed.

Andy Cumbers had Brenner Woolley's description of Jeremy Sarmiento's last-gasp goal for Ipswich Town against Southampton etched on to his skin.

The game, which ended 3-2 to Ipswich, helped the Tractor Boys on their road to promotion to the Premier League.

Mr Cumbers said the tattoo had earned "a bit of reaction" on social media and said he had "no regrets".

The body art on the right side of Mr Cumbers' torso extends from his ribcage to his hip.

He said the tattoo took about three hours to complete and was "a bit pinchy".

The design was inspired by a print by graphic designer and fellow Ipswich fan Dan Thomas.

Mr Cumbers told BBC Radio Suffolk: "I was fortunate to be at the [Southampton] game and experienced the goal first-hand.

"It was one of the most euphoric moments over the last 20 years [of Ipswich's history]... but when you actually listen back to it - the commentary - Brenner captured it superbly."

He said he "still gets goosebumps" hearing the commentary of the game on 1 April.

Brenner Woolley's commentary of Sarmiento's winning goal

Jeremy Sarmiento's goal came with seconds of a pulsating match remaining
Jeremy Sarmiento's goal came with seconds of a pulsating match remaining [Getty Images]

"Strong play from Morsy, spots the ball that the fans wanted him to play; to Leif Davis, wide left.

"Now inside the area, this is Town's chance. He goes square - no! Sarmiento stumbles, then pokes - and scores!

"Oh my goodness me, it's Jeremy Sarmiento with one of the biggest goals for years.

"There's a substitute run the width of the field, I think it's Chaplin.

"There's a huddle of bodies on the far side. The last kick of the game and Ipswich Town have won it, they're going back to the top of the Championship table.

"What a team this is!"

Ipswich forward Conor Chaplin's across-the-pitch dash features as part of the tattoo design.

Chaplin, who had been substituted minutes earlier, posted on X that it was a an "incredible memory, for life now".

Ipswich went on to seal their return to the top flight of English football for the first time since 2002 by beating Huddersfield at Portman Road on 4 May, finishing second in the Championship.

Mr Woolley said: "I'm obviously incredibly flattered.

"I loved Dan's original artwork and for Andy to have it inked on him for posterity is mind-blowing.

"I genuinely think that moment, on Easter Monday, was the biggest single explosion of emotion I've witnessed in my 21 seasons of covering the club.

"Well done to the tattoo artist as well!"

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