How to introduce statement jewellery into your wardrobe

From grandma brooches to chunky gold clip-on earrings and enormous signet rings, statement jewellery has been all over the catwalks for the past few seasons, while we have also seen a renewed interest in vintage jewellery when it comes to street and celebrity style. For some, adding a touch of dramatic bling to their look comes easy, but for those who have tended to favour dainty diamonds in the past, you might need some advice about how to take this trend on.

We spoke to the ultimate accessoriser and founder of vintage jewellery platform Cassetto, Anna Vitiello to talk all things statement jewellery. Here, she advises you on how to incorporate chunky jewellery into your arsenal, and the best style muses to look out for.

The Zoom styling hack

I call it my ‘lazy girl bling’ method, because more often than not, I’ve barely put together the rest of the look but instead relied heavily on the transformative power of a really good earring (as evidenced by every single look I post on Instagram.) Think along the lines of the Zoom call formula (minus the leggings and slippers): a tailored top-half and a flash of gold and suddenly things start feeling put together. It’s simple styling maths and why I’m such a champion of statement jewellery – it’s all the polish without any of the fuss. My favourites from this drop are, of course, the XL hoops: a rare pair of 80s YSL clip-ons.

Start small and build

Whilst my personal motto is ‘the bigger the better’, for our Cassetto drops, we source up and down the sizing scale so that you can start experimenting with jewellery whether you’re a novice or an Eighties clip-on aficionado.

Where there’s an extra large, attention grabbing piece like these huge (but very light) earrings, we’re always looking for a smaller, wearable version that anyone can incorporate into their wardrobes like this chic gold pair. That’s the beauty of vintage jewellery - there’s no end to how much – or how little – you can experiment.

Princess Diana is my ultimate reference for day-to-day jewellery styling: she perfectly exemplifies the elegance and polish that comes with adding just a piece of timeless jewellery (her earring collection was particularly enviable.)

princess diana
Tim Graham - Getty Images

Mob Wives have it down

It might be TikTok’s favourite trend right now but fictional Mob Wives have always been a great source of inspiration (not real mob wives, who more often than not try and remain under the radar rather than flaunting.) Adriana La Cerva’s style is often referenced for her leopard print and OTT outerwear but she also knew the power of layering for a subtler (albeit still statement by most standards) look, and I’m personally campaigning for the return of a messier neckline: think layers, lengths and different weights.

The Suite has the edge

When in doubt, I go for the matching set (think Sofia Loren does everyday) because a couple or trio of the same piece effortlessly pulls a look together in one easy accessorising step. Unlike the fine jewellery suites of the Eighties – which were formal and more serious – a chunky gold set can add that bit of edge to a look without much thought.


Brooches are back

They were a staple in most of our grandmothers' wardrobes, brooches have had a retro rep for a long time, but it’s time for that to change. Whether Schiaparelli-inspired more is more styling or a timeless brooch be on a coat, a blazer, a blouse, adding a brooch (or multiple) creates a little more of a luxurious look. Look to Louis Vuitton menswear, and draw upon the TikTok ‘Grandpa Core’ trend; brooches are elevating the most boring outfits, giving your style a masculine grunge or, paired with strong tailoring, a timeless elegance.

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