People Are Pointing Out The Photoshop Fails In The Latest Kate Middleton Picture, And It's DEFINITELY Not Helping The Conspiracy Theories

Well, well, well, here we are again.

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The whole Kate Middleton missing conspiracy theory started about two weeks ago when Prince William canceled an appearance at his godfather's memorial service for "personal reasons."

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Meanwhile, Kate hadn't been seen in months because she's recovering from abdominal surgery.

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That canceled appearance and the lack of Kate's public apperances led to TONS of speculation about her whereabouts.

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Some said she was Banksy.

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Other people said she was just waiting for her bangs to grow out.

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The whole thing was pretty ridiculous.

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The Royal Palace has come out and said, "[The] Princess of Wales, who is recovering from abdominal surgery, continues to be doing well."

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Then, last week, she was spotted in a car.

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And now, the Prince and Princess of Wales have posted Kate's first picture since her last public appearance on Christmas day.

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Here's the picture:

As you can see, the picture was taken by Prince William.

Post by the Prince of Wales expressing gratitude for support and wishing a Happy Mother's Day
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Unfortunately, whoever edited the photo didn't do a great job, and now people are zooming in and pointing out all of the messy photoshop.

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People have pointed out a Photoshop mistake next to Charlotte's arm.

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As you can see, whoever did it clearly didn't do a great job.

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"Is Kate Middleton just taking a 3-month break to learn how to use Photoshop?" this person asked.

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"I found four Photoshop mistakes in 30 seconds. Hire me, royals. I'm a professional," another person said.

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People are also noticing Kate's missing wedding ring.

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It gets even stranger...

The Royals reporter for ITV also said three international photo agencies refused to distribute the pic because it was "manipulated."

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Ultimately, this whole thing is SO messy.

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I guess they just made the conspiracy theory speculation worse.

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