Internet erupts as commentator 'almost gets decapitated'

A veteran ice hockey commentator is fortunate to be alive after a terrifying close call during a match.

NBC broadcaster Pierre McGuire was calling the NHL contest between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets when a stray puck came hurtling towards his face.

Standing between the benches to provide colour commentary of the game, McGuire barely avoided serious injury when the puck left Columbus’ zone and flew within centimetres of his head.

McGuire was so close to suffering a sickening injury. Pic: NBC Sports

The speed at which the puck was travelling meant the television veteran didn’t even see it as it missed him by a whisker.

McGuire belatedly threw his arms up to cover his face as the flying disc whizzed past him and clattered into a camera.

Fans erupted over the incident on social media, insisting the commentator was lucky not to have died (or at least been severely maimed).

Thankfully, it appears that nobody was hurt and McGuire’s spectacles also escaped unscathed.

In fact, the 57-year-old was able to joke about it afterwards.

“You can’t get involved in the field of play,” he said.

“So, keep your hands down.”

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