Instant regret as pitch invader gets destroyed by security

A college student immediately regretted invading the field during a college baseball match, after running into the shoulder of an angry security guard.

The young larrikin was clearly bored during a rain delay at a College World Series match between Arkansas and Texas.

Amidst encouragement from his iPhone-wielding student friends, the fan jumped over the stadium railing before running into the field of play, waving his arms in the air like an absolute fool.

The college student makes his horrible mistake. Pic: Twitter

What was even more foolish however was the fan’s approach to security.

There was no pace, no side-step, no fend, just a slight brace before an athletic security guard cut him in half with a brutal shot into the ribs.

The crowd cheered, and a viral video was born.

The brutal hit brought back memories of Andrew Symonds’ huge shoulder charge on a pitch invader during an ODI against India in 2008.