Inside the morning routine of a local news anchor with a wakeup time before 3 AM

It only takes fifteen minutes for Local Texas morning news anchor Matt Fontes (@matt.fontes) to have breakfast, film TikToks and get camera-ready each day. In this episode of ITK: First 15 Minutes, Matt shows us how he finds the time for everything before going live on the air every morning.

Matt’s First 15 starts when he wakes up at 2:45 in the morning. First, he heads to the kitchen to make breakfast, which today is scrambled eggs. He also uses this time to prepare a protein shake that he’ll have after filming his morning broadcast.

Next, he heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth and get ready. An essential step in this part of Matt’s routine is spritzing his hair with sea salt spray and blow-drying. He then gets dressed into suit pants and a crisp, button-down shirt so he’s ready for work.

Matt heads to his studio, where he logs onto his computer and gets familiarized with the scripts for the three-hour show ahead of him. He’s then ready to head to the makeup room, where he films a behind-the-scenes video for TikTok while he applies his camera-ready look with concealer and powder.

He finishes his outfit with a jacket and tie and goes to the studio to start his broadcast.

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