Infamous chicken-dipping 'food criminal' strikes again

The woman who went viral for her food crime at the US Open has struck again – this time during an NBA game at Madison Square Garden.

Alexa Greenfield made headlines around the world after a video of her surfaced dipping chicken fingers into her coke in September.

Since then, rather than running from the embarrassing situation she’s embraced it – reappearing at major sporting events in the USA to sample the variety of chicken and coke on offer.

Alexa Greenfield was caught red-handed on the big-screen during the New York Knicks loss to the Chicago Bulls at Madison Square Garden. Pic: NBA

Greenfield’s latest stunt, whether staged or not, has sent social media into a frenzy once again.

“So you’re semi famous just because your a weirdo and dips chick strips in soda?,” one user wrote.

“This whole page is just a shame to chicken fingers,” another commented.

“Can’t tell if you’re serious but that’s disgusting,” one user wrote.

“I used to be embarrassed to dip my chicken in my soda until last night, you are a true inspiration to the Madison Square Garden community,” another user wrote.

The 26-year-old was arguably caught red-handed on the jumbotron in the Knicks overtime loss to the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday.

Appearing on the big-screen dunking the chicken yet again, Greenfield blushed before waving and blowing a kiss at the crowd.

She even uploaded a video shortly after to express her joy at being able to comfortably “dip right in” in public:

“This is special because it’s my first Knicks game of the season,” she said.

“I have dunked so many nuggets in my soda here.

“But I used to be so embarrassed about it, and I would like hide behind the scenes, and now since everyone knows my story, I can do it loud and proud.”

Greenfield’s initial act at the US Open skyrocketed her to social media fame, quickly rising to 10,000 Instagram followers.

Shortly after, the self-proclaimed ‘slickenfingers’ created a standalone Instagram page to feature her chicken dunking triumphs around the country.

The viral sensation offered an insight into the video that started it all – praising her father for introducing her to the combination – topped off by a hangover.

“It’s very strange. I’m a very strange eater in general,” Greenfield said after the US Open.

“My Dad had me doing it when I was younger. He was like ‘if it’s hot, you can cool it off’ – that was where it originated and then I just really liked the taste.

“I was more just messing with (my nephews).

“I was hungover. I was like listen guys, this is gross, watch me do it, haha. It’s not that common, but maybe like once or twice a year.”

Despite a prominent feature on the big-screen for Greenfield, the Knicks weren’t able to get the win against the Bulls – going down 116-115 in an overtime nail biter.