This industrial loft in South Florida has immaculate vibes


With a mixture of textures and a calming color palette, content creator Macy (@wanderwithmacy and @macysnook) has curated her South Florida home to perfectly reflect who she is. In this episode of ITK: Do You Live Here?, Macy shows us around her industrial studio loft so we can see how she has made perfect use of her space.

“What I really love about my kitchen area is my exposed shelving,” Macy says as she leads us into the space. In addition to the open shelving she uses for mugs, Tupperware and decor items, Macy’s kitchen features sleek, black cabinetry, a gray countertop and stainless steel appliances.

Leading us into the living room, Macy shows the large window that lets in excellent lighting and a gorgeous view into the open living space. Her living room area has a cozy, white sectional couch, gray coffee table, white TV console and a floor-length mirror. She explains that the couch is a Cloud dupe from a local furniture store. “I was really lucky with this, and this was probably one of my best purchases that I’ve gotten for my loft,” Macy says.

Along one side of the living room space are two large, white bookcases that separate the main room from Macy’s bedroom section. Macy explains that she opted for bookcases instead of curtains or a room divider to separate the bedroom because they make the room feel bigger and more open.

The bedroom area has a calming feel, defined by a neutral color palette and beige bedding. Next, Macy shows us her bathroom, which has a walk-in shower with subway-tile walls and a waterfall showerhead. She arranged the shower with “his and hers” sections, so she and her boyfriend each have their own dedicated storage space for body washes, shampoos and conditioners.

The final stop of the tour is back at the entrance, as Macy demonstrates that the entire loft is one circle, with a natural flow from room to room.

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