TikTokers claim that mixing cucumber-lime Gatorade with cranberry hard lemonade creates an 'indescribable' flavor: 'This is truly incomprehensible'

Is there such a thing as an “indescribable” flavor? The internet is having trouble finding the right words to define this viral cocktail.

The “flavor” discourse began on Tumblr last year, where user @heedra claimed that mixing cranberry-flavored Mike’s Hard Lemonade with cucumber-lime Gatorade results in your tongue experiencing a taste “error.” Blogger @anmorata responded to @heedra’s post to prove them wrong but was unsuccessful.

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“It so absolutely and definitely tastes like something, and that thing is nothing,” @heedra claimed.

“Diagnosis: it tastes?” wrote @anmorata.

The indescribable flavor challenge spreads to TikTok

The mystery of the “flavor” recently resurfaced on TikTok, where curious users are filming themselves tasting the drink recipe to try and describe the taste on camera.

TikToker @f808z posted this clip of his attempt at the indescribable flavor challenge.

“That is indescribable. It’s like a flavor void,” @f808z said after taking a quick shot of the cocktail. “I have no words for this. I have two literature degrees and no words. This is f***ed up.”

Viewers were intrigued by @f808z’s dramatic reaction to the drink, now wanting to try it for themselves.

“Two things I’ll never buy, but now I have to,” a TikToker commented.

“I don’t drink, nor am I old enough to, but now I desperately need to know,” another wrote.

“They’re gonna fix this bug in the latest simulation update,” someone joked.

TikToker @the_jack_of_diamonds also went viral for their attempt at describing the beverage.

After @the_jack_of_diamonds took the sip of the drink, they visibly struggled to formulate a sentence to describe it.

“This is truly incomprehensible,” @the_jack_of_diamonds exclaimed.

Other TikTok users tried to help @the_jack_of_diamonds describe the flavor in the comment section.

“Is the sweetness and tartness canceling each other out, so it makes it taste like [REDACTED]?” a TikToker asked.

“They don’t really cancel each other out, but there’s a bitterness and also a tingle? It’s very confusing,” @the_jack_of_diamonds responded.

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