Ina Garten's Foolproof Way To Store Baked Alaska In The Freezer

Ina Garten
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Baked Alaska is a dessert that does it all. Made with meringue, ice cream, and cake, baked Alaska incorporates all kinds of delicious ingredients and techniques -- which is why you should be careful to properly store the dessert. After all, it would be a shame to ruin your hard work by failing to freeze the structure correctly. Luckily, you can easily preserve your yet-to-be-baked baked Alaska by taking a cue from the Barefoot Contessa. Celebrity chef Ina Garten pops her assembled dessert in the freezer -- sans any cover.

Yes, it really is that straightforward. In her cookbook, "Cook Like a Pro," Garten recommends freezing assembled baked Alaskas without covering them. No plastic wrap, no Tupperware top, nothing. This basic freezing technique ensures that the meringue element will actually freeze properly -- and that your piping will remain intact. If you cover and then freeze your unbaked meringue, you run the risk of that meringue turning soft and your cover brushing up against your piping. That carefully made dessert? It won't stay oven-ready without meticulous freezing.

Once your baked Alaska has been frozen, take a cue from the dessert's name and actually bake it. Brown your meringue, and the dessert should be good to go. You can toast your meringue in the oven or with a blowtorch, though no matter the technique, you shouldn't wait long to bake.

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Baked Alaska Can Be Frozen For A Few Days

Baked Alaska
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Unbaked baked Alaska can linger in the freezer for about three days, according to Garten. So, once you've assembled your dessert -- that cake, ice cream, and meringue combination -- don't hang onto it for too long. Yes, it's fine to sit uncovered in the freezer, but it'll pass its prime quickly. In fact, the freezer is something of a placeholder until you can get to baking.

Granted, this days-long timeline only pertains to your pre-baked dessert. Once you've baked and eaten some of the treat, you can store your delicious leftovers for much longer. Baked Alaska actually stays fine in the freezer for roughly a month. It's the dessert that keeps on giving, though you'll want to keep it covered once baked. That means plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and an airtight container will now be your best friends.

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