Why this image of a WWE star is causing major controversy

Former WWE star Neville has been forced to respond to harsh accusations after an alarming image of his new physique was shared to the public.

The 32-year-old British wrestling star uploaded an image of his impressive physique to Twitter, instantly prompting cries of drug use from shocked fans.

Alongside the caption, “KISSS MY MUSCULAR A**E”, Neville appears holding his hands on his hips after presumably a tough training session.

It didn’t take long for the Twittersphere to cast their judgement, labelling Neville a steroid user.

“See the steroids are working,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Bro he’s using some kind of steroids not hard to tell,” another said.

“Dude is juiced to the gills. Put him under usada and he will have a dad bod in six months lol. Being juiced isn’t necessarily a bad thing either,” another wrote.

However the wrestler currently fighter for Japanese organisation Dragon Gate was quick to hit back, hard.

“I am a STEROID FREE SAVAGE!” Neville replied on Twitter.

“Fueled only by HATE AND VENGEANCE.”

While it will be hard to ever get evidence either way on Neville’s drug use, considering he isn’t fighting under USADA or any other anti-drug body, fans can get a sense of his dramatic transformation with a glimpse at old photos.

Neville also had a ripped physique back in 2015. Pic: Twitter