Hydrofoil Surfer Rescues Stranded Dog After Kayak Overturns on Gold Coast

An Australian resident on a hydrofoil surfboard rescued a stranded dog in the waters off Palm Beach, Queensland, on May 24, after the pooch and its owner had been knocked out of their kayak.

Vasco Vellez, who runs eFoil GC, a hydrofoil surfing business close to Palm Beach, recorded footage of his rescue mission.

In a version posted to Facebook in which Vellez provides commentary on the event, he says that he noticed a kayak getting upturned in the water while he was surfing, before seeing the dog floating alone.

Making his way closer to the stranded animal, Vellez can be seen whistling and then calling to the dog. He then stops his hydrofoil in the water and gets down off the board, allowing the dog to swim over to him and cling to his back.

Vellez hands the dog off to rescuers on a Jet Ski before completing his good deed for the day by gathering up the boots of the dog’s owner, which were left floating in the water.

This is Velez’s second brush with viral fame recently, having hit the headlines in Australia for using his hydrofoil to deliver pizza while restaurants were shut due to the coronavirus pandemic. Credit: Vasco Vellez via Storyful